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Welcome to our ESSENCE by LemonTree blog!

We're thrilled to have you join us on a journey exploring topics related to sustainable development, modern warehouse complexes, technologies, trends, and market needs in the industrial real estate sector. Our goal is to provide a space filled with enriching content that inspires and expands your knowledge. We aim to share best practices and showcase compelling examples of effective solutions, demonstrating how our operations and facility designs influence the market landscape.

In our inaugural article, we'll introduce you to the LemonTree brand, delving into its DNA, vision, and the direction we're headed. While our brand's history is relatively short, having begun operating in mid-2023, our team comprises seasoned experts with years of industry experience and profound knowledge. This blend of expertise, experience, and vision has empowered us to develop a unique concept that offers a fresh approach to creating service and logistics complexes.

Each of our products boasts its own distinct identity, premium location, and captivating architectural solutions that seamlessly blend with the surroundings.

The natural direction

Nature served as the direct inspiration for the creation of the LemonTree brand. Furthermore, trend analysis indicated that the moment LemonTree debuts as a new player in the market calls for action in a business model based on sustainable development. Transparent initiatives aimed at climate and people thus naturally become the brand's developmental direction.

Symbol of freshness and growth

shutterstock_99625619-1As developers, we have the power to influence how we address climate change issues, which directly affect each of us. Therefore, a strategy of sustainable actions serves as our compass in our daily work. Hence, the brand symbol - the lemon tree, which is synonymous with stability, growth, and fruition. The structure of the lemon fruit serves - symbolically - as an example of design and extraordinary architecture. The fruit itself has become a reference to the investments we undertake, and the entire lemon tree reflects the structure of our organization.

We bring a breath of freshness and change to the way industrial complexes are perceived.

Putting people at the center of attention

To take care of others, we start with ourselves. Our office in the heart of Warsaw is situated in an exceptional, historic building, offering us beautiful spaces to work and operate in. Our hybrid work model is tailored to our needs, but what's most significant is the welcoming atmosphere that makes everyone enjoy working from the office.

In our business activities, we create spaces for people. We move away from the standard approach to warehouse spaces; our aim is to design spaces with broader purposes and functions. Shifting the mindset in this sector and our desire to define a new formula for such complexes place human beings, their well-being, and welfare at the forefront. Such places are much more than just warehouses.

Close to the city, close to the center

shutterstock_2156662655The idea of complexes with a distinct identity, created with people in mind, proves successful in any location, but urban locations pose additional challenges for us. Urban development requires the creation of spaces with exceptional architecture and dedicated areas for residents. Bearing in mind that the future of our planet depends on biodiversity, and its loss is currently one of the greatest threats to life on Earth, our actions focus on creating a more diverse environment because it is precisely such environments that thrive best. Shaping and introducing new values ​​in the urban fabric is an incredibly important responsibility towards residents. The architectural and functional aspect becomes even more significant here. Places significant to the local community are a crucial point in complex planning. Greenery, spaces for relaxation, sports, or outdoor art galleries are just some of the possible solutions, but the final shape is the result of dialogue with local residents.


shutterstock_432490438Moving away from the "business as usual" model and operating within a sustainable development framework requires the development of numerous initiatives in areas related to climate, social relations, and legal, tax, and financial transparency. Our long-term sustainable development strategy, developed in collaboration with Deloitte, serves as a compass for us, allowing us to undertake integrated actions in the climate and societal spheres. One of the actions resulting from our strategy is joining the prestigious global organization, the United Nations Global Compact under the auspices of the UN. Additionally, we have also joined the Climate Positive program, which pursues climate goals set by the UN. Furthermore, selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) delineate the key directions of our actions.


For more information about LemonTree, our projects, and sustainable development, you'll find in-depth articles in our upcoming posts. We invite you to regularly visit our ESSENCE by LemonTree blog.