The dynamic economic growth has highlighted growing inequality, conflicts, and uncertainty. Ecosystems are degraded, the Earth’s natural resources are depleted, and greenhouse gas levels continue to rise, all harming communities and the environment. There is also a noticeable impact on economic conditions.

The LemonTree Team's awareness of this situation motivates us to take direct actions. We start from creation of sustainable strategy based on sustainable business model and consistent execution.

Our pillars of a sustainability strategy


  1. Yes, we can be transparent
    We strive for full clarity of our activities.
  2. Yes, we can inspire
    To make a change, we learn to inspire ourselves and others.
  3. Yes, we can be fresh
    Innovation is the key to the development and a sustainable future for business.
  4. Yes, we can respect the nature
    We minimize negative impacts on the environment.
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We’ll continue to certify our buildings as a partial proof of sustainability actions towards the planet and the people.


What two can do, one cannot - we will always look for partnerships to combine our efforts to achieve real results in change for improving the world. 

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Cooperations and support

Cooperation with UN Global Compact is helping us to take action in regard of climate change by participationg in Climate Positive program. This program is based on initiatives, especially in the field of eliminating CO2 emissions, preserving biodiversity, ensuring high quality of people’s lives, and reducing water and air pollution.