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When discussing trends in the logistics space industry, it is worth pausing for a moment to talk about the design of such facilities. Actions taken at the stage of outlining the vision and planning the investment allow for composing the space in a way that supports the optimization of logistics operations and provides a good place for the business development of tenants from various industries.

At LemonTree, we assume that every business and every need a client brings to us is specific and unique. To thrive in today's market, it is no longer enough to build another 100,000 square meter rectangle. It should come as no surprise that implementing standard solutions does not fit our concept and business philosophy.

A Tailor-Made Concept

Warehouses must be versatile and flexible to meet the requirements of various types of operations. These features significantly influence a client's decision when choosing a location for their business. Of course, there is an uncompromising but more expensive solution: the BTS (build-to-suit) facility, which is tailored to fully meet the client's expectations. However, anyone can do that. The art lies in creating a warehouse that provides flexibility and adaptability to the changing needs of tenants without the need for major reconstruction.

shutterstock_1714734415Multifunctionality and modularity are key features of modern warehouse facilities. Appropriate technological and architectural solutions can make a facility easily adaptable for various uses, from storage to light production.

Proximity to main communication arteries, infrastructure availability, and the possibility of future expansion are important factors that attract clients. Modern warehouse facilities often offer additional amenities such as advanced security systems, eco-friendly solutions like photovoltaic panels and rainwater recovery systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and employee-friendly features like rest areas, sports fields, bicycle shelters, and access to public transportation.

Our goal is to design facilities where almost every potential tenant sees a place conducive to their business growth. Consequently, the best warehouse facilities are those that combine flexibility, multifunctionality, and strategic location, offering solutions tailored to the future business needs of their users. LT_BOOSTER_K02_4_smallAn example of such a project is the currently realized BOOSTER ZABRZE investment, which confirms that our assumptions meet the clients' needs. In this investment, one of the buildings will house a specialized distribution center with a designed cross-docking area, as well as dry storage warehouse and cold store implemented according to our client's requirements. However, we do not always know our clients' needs before the construction begins, so we design our investments to be as universal and flexible as possible. For this reason, in the FRESH WARSAW project, we decided to design buildings of different depths: a shallower one with an above-average number of dock doors, for smaller, specialized units and last-mile logistics, and a deeper one, allowing for longer rows of racks while maintaining the same comfortable buffer and picking area for clients expecting a larger number of pallet spaces. These buildings provide an appropriate base for further work with tenants when implementing necessary adaptations and modifications from the client's point of view.

Fresh Warsaw_wiz_1

The Importance of Continuous Observation

Market observation is an indispensable element of strategic management, providing valuable information needed for effective planning, decision-making, and responding to a dynamically changing environment. We identify the latest trends and technological changes, analyze the actions of competitors and other entities in our industry, both domestically and abroad.

Loop Mysłowice_wizualizacja2_smallHowever, LemonTree is a team of experts who not only want to implement good practices in their industry but also create them. Therefore, we explore new possibilities and introduce innovations to our products, but above all, we strive to understand the needs and behaviors of clients to tailor our products to ever-growing expectations, paying due attention to sustainable development and environmental respect.

In this context, our LOOP MYSŁOWICE investment can be highlighted. Due to the region's specificity and high demand from manufacturing companies, we decided at the design stage to implement a roof providing 12.5% natural light illumination to ensure suitable conditions for continuous work without the need for modifications during or after construction. This translates into real savings for our contractors in terms of both time and costs.

Office facilities

Developing a warehouse project concept requires a holistic approach, considering not only the building's structure but also its surroundings and infrastructure, including elements such as the communication layout, loading and unloading zones, and parking spaces essential for the efficient operation of the warehouse park.

_MG_1104We cannot forget about another key element integral to the warehouse: the office and social space. It plays an important role in administration, management, and coordination of logistics operations. Therefore, developing the conceptual drawing must include appropriately planned office space that meets the personnel's needs.

The market standard for typical logistics, especially those located outside cities near communication hubs and expressways, is to allocate about 5% of the building's total area for office and social purposes. However, in urban areas, we encounter significantly higher ratios, exceeding 25%. In such locations, companies often decide to locate their headquarters.

At LemonTree, we pay particular attention to this type of space. We design and implement them to the highest standards, comparable to those used in typical class A office buildings. To meet clients' expectations while focusing on efficiency and sustainable development, we use energy-efficient LED lighting, good thermal insulation, and more energy-efficient HVAC systems such as VRF systems, which provide more effective temperature control in individual rooms.

The office spaces we design are located in external extensions. This solution ensures these spaces are well exposed, and the glass facades provide increased access to natural light. This contributes to greater flexibility in arranging office rooms with permanent workplaces and positively affects the comfort of their users. Moreover, such spaces are not limited to one or two floors. In our FRESH WARSAW investment, we implemented a green roof over the second-floor office, creating a convenient recreational area for employees. Meanwhile, BOOSTER ZABRZE will have four floors, with the highest one elevated above the warehouse building, featuring a glass facade on all four sides. For increased comfort, the building will also be equipped with an elevator.

Key Safety

A very important issue that LemonTree pays great attention to is educating and raising our clients' awareness. The fire safety of the building and the people inside is paramount to us. The modern facilities we deliver to the market are built in accordance with the international NFPA standard and have the highest fire resistance class of over 4,000 MJ/m². However, many people do not fully understand what this means in practice. This allows for the storage of virtually any type of goods, but it is important to maintain appropriate 15 cm smoke spaces between the backs of pallets stored in double-deep high-rack storage. Some types of inventory, such as fats or alcohol, can be stored on racks provided additional inter-rack sprinkler installation is implemented. Aerosol zones, for example, must be separated with mesh up to full height, and acid battery charging stations used in forklifts should be equipped with ventilation with hydrogen detection and an eyewash station. These are just some examples of specialized storage. The assortment and its storage method can vary for each client, and we analyze it multi-dimensionally each time to be 100% sure that its storage will be safe.

LemonTree remains at the forefront of innovation, designing warehouse spaces that not only meet current needs but also remain flexible during their lifespan to meet future business challenges. Our commitment to designing optimal logistics solutions aims not only to meet clients' needs but also to inspire the entire industry.