Environmental strategy, technology and tools

We know that we can act now to help stop rising temperatures, among others, by:

  • Reducing environmental footprint during the design and construction of our complexes.
  • Designing a decarbonization strategy.
  • Implementing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools to provide specific quantitative information on environmental impact, including the widely used carbon footprint and other available environmental indicators.
  • Implementing water-saving systems.
  • Implementing energy-saving solutions.
  • Operating under a reuse philosophy.

To know more about our environmental solutions, read the article of our expert.

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To know more about our environmental solutions, read the article of our expert.

We think circular, not line

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We believe nature is the finest architect. Inspired by it, we create LemonTree brand and business philosophy - industrial spaces which are characterized by unique designs, fresh ideas and good technological solutions. 

We strive for our products to be exceptional in their structure, and so that their extraordinary architecture corresponds with the beauty of nature and in the same time is human-centred.

If you want to find out more about the indentity and exceptional design of one of our buildings visit our blog >>


The loss of biodiversity is a global challenge. We need to act locally to implement the right solutions. Over the last century, humans have come to dominate the planet, causing rapid ecosystem change and massive loss of biodiversity across the planet. We have polluted oceans, water sources, and cleared forests. We have created a climate crisis.

LemonTree is taking action to preserve all natural resources and to ensure the conservation of all species of plants and animals living in a given area.

We also work to deepen our understanding of biodiversity in order to apply solutions that are most appropriate for the natural environment.

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How we act

If you are interested in our actions towards climate and environment contact our expert

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