A brand with the heart for nature

LemonTree creates exceptional logistics and service spaces in prime locations and with respect for nature.
Our business model is based on a sustainable development strategy. We use advanced technological solutions in our projects, strive to reduce the emission of buildings and take care of their unique architecture. We support employee well-being and cooperate with local communities.

Our goal is to establish a new quality in the commercial real estate market, inspiring and supporting sustainable practices in the industry.



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LemonTree is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest initiative bringing together sustainable business. This global organization conducts activities for the environment, human rights, counteracting corruption, promoting decent and legal work.

We have joined Climate Positive Program, which supports our climate strategy.

This program develops many initiatives, especially in the field of eliminating CO2 emissions, preserving biodiversity, ensuring a high quality of life for people, and reducing water and air pollution.

The program also supports the development of new initiatives in agriculture, transport, and industry (related to, among other things, waste management, recycling, technological innovation, or green energy).

We learn to inspire!